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Face Painting and Body Art
De…Lite..Ful Face Painting

Face Painting has become popular in the past few years as the water based products are so easy to remove with soap and water or a diaper wipe. Gone are the days of theater type Grease Paint. You can become the Fairy, Princess or Mermaid of your dreams or choose to become a member of the cast of "Cats".

Boys enjoy super hero faces such as Spiderman or the more terrifying faces of Dragons, Tattooed Warriors and Skeletons. Any of the characters of De...Lite..ful Entertainment offers the simple Hand Painting for tots to twining floral vines on teens. Or you may choose Full Faces, Glitz & Glamour or Tattoos to the Exotic Cirque de Soleil Face Painting or Air Brush Body Art.

One might imagine that only children enjoy this fantasy but even 70 year old grandmothers DE...Lite in hiding a few wrinkles behind the Glitz & Glamour of Glamour Eyes.


De...Lite..ful Face-painting for your Corporate Picnics and Parties.


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