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De...Lite..Ful Entertainment
Serving the Central NJ Area

Harry Potter tutor wizard magic show

De...Lite..Ful Entertainment's Fancy Clown


Patriotic Magician

Harry Potter Themed Tricks

Walk Around Magician

De...Lite..Ful Clown Magic

Rainbow Wizard

De...Lite..Ful Magic Shows especially designed for your Event or Party.

You can choose from the cast of characters performing Magic. Would you want a Patriotic Magician for the Veterans of Foreign War with a magical Pledge of Allegiance Trick -- or a Walk Around Magician in full tux?



Boys especially enjoy learning Magic and De...Lite..Ful Magic can teach a couple of magic tricks to the boys 8 and older as part of the Magic Show as a Wizard using Harry Potter Themed Tricks made from copyrighted materials, Comedy Magician or as a Straight Magician.



For the younger children there is the De...Lite..Ful Clown Magic which will keep them giggling and hollering at the silly clown who wears her shoes on the wrong feet.



Library Shows will be produced to your theme and Substance Abuse and Conflict Resolution Magic Shows are great for School Shows.



De...Lite..ful Magic for your Corporate Picnics and Parties.

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